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Dan Stevers is an American church media creator who has been producing impactful and thought-provoking media content for over a decade. He began his journey in 2005, when he volunteered as a video maker for his local church despite having no prior experience in the field. With the help of online tutorials and the support of his church leadership, Dan’s work evolved into more complex and meaningful productions.

In 2009, was launched as a resource for churches worldwide after other churches began requesting to use his work in their services. Dan’s work quickly gained popularity, attracting pastors and congregations worldwide, and was even translated into six different languages. His ability to present the gospel in emotionally vulnerable and imaginative ways resonated with audiences around the world.

Dan Stevers’ work often deals with difficult topics and he is known for his imaginative storytelling and unique approach to presenting the gospel. He combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of the Christian faith to create media that is both visually stunning and emotionally impactful. His short films, in particular, challenge conventions and go beyond traditional storytelling methods to offer a fresh perspective on the gospel message.

To bring in new perspectives and expand his reach, Dan began collaborating with artists around the world, taking his work to new heights. He recognizes the importance of community and collaboration in the creative process and is committed to creating a platform that supports and inspires other artists in the church media space. In 2021, recognizing the limitations of, he launched as a carefully curated media library featuring the work of Dan Stevers and other creators and collaborators with the goal of serving the global church.

In addition to his media work, Dan Stevers is a respected voice in the church media community and is known for his passion for using media to communicate the gospel message. He has spoken at conferences and events around the world and is dedicated to serving the church and sharing his expertise with others.

Overall, Dan Stevers’ unique approach to church media and his commitment to using his skills and expertise to serve the church have made him a well-respected and influential figure in the church media community. He continues to offer innovative and thought-provoking church media resources and his work continues to inspire and impact audiences around the world.

Dan Stevers


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