Story Loop vs Igniter Media

Looking for the right media subscription for your church? Compare Story Loop to Igniter Media to see which one is right for you.

The following chart compares Story Loop and Igniter subscriptions based on key features.

  • StoryLoop
  • Igniter
Features StoryLoopIgniter
Essential Church Media Assets
Motion Backgrounds, Countdowns, Short Films & Titles
Creator Resources
Photoshop and After Effects projects and builders. Textures and Design Assets.
ProPresenter Themes and Bundles
ProRes Studio Quality Video
Stock AssetsVideos OnlyPhotos + Videos
Sermon Series Graphics
Ministry Graphics
Announcement, Sermon, Youth, Kids, Mens Womens + More.
VJ Loops
Audio Stems
Members Group
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* Price based on first year of active subscription. Igniter Premium Pro Plan used for comparison.

The Best Choice: Story Loop

Story Loop and Igniter both offer essential church media such as motion loops for worship, countdowns, short films and more. The main difference is that Story Loop has more media categories and types to choose from, as well as higher quality bitrates and resolutions.

Story Loop is known for it’s curated library, whereas Igniter prides itself on the quantity of their library. It is easier to find impacting media on Story Loop since there is no “filler” content.

What sets Story Loop apart

Curated Library

We don't bloat our library with filler content. Every new pack is hand-picked and curated to ensure high quality in the library.

Story Driven

We're not just in it to "look good", we're excited to find new and impactful ways to help churches tell better stories with spiritual depth and meaningful moments.

Creator Empowering

We offer industry leading commissions to our producers, whose work we love!

Flexible Licensing

Wherever possible we want to help you create without limits. Our generous licensing allows you to modify and adapt products to your needs.

Start using Story Loop's curated library of premium church media to upgrade your visual aesthetic today.

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