New Category: Stock Footage

We’re excited to announce that stock video has officially launched on Story Loop! Since January, we’ve been curating a library of stock video collections from top tier stock producers tailored to the needs of church creatives.

One of the big problems with stock video that we’re trying to address with its addition to the site is the cost. A single stock clip on the major stock sites can go for $150 or more and subscription stock sites can cost up to $1200 per year. That puts stock video out of reach of all but the biggest churches. So in an effort to bring premium stock video resources to churches of all sizes I’m rolling stock video into Story Loop’s already affordable subscription. All subscribers will have instant access to stock video when it launches on the 1st.

We’ll have 70 collections from three new producers at launch and more will be added over time.

We’re excited to offer customizable resources like stock video and our creator resources in addition to our pre-made products like short films and motion backgrounds.

Are you excited about stock video coming to Story Loop? Let us know in our Facebook Members Group!

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