Coming in 2022

We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the new year. Here are somethings you can look forward to:

  • Search Bar – This is the single most requested feature we’ve heard from our community and with good reason! There’s a lot of content on the site and using the sidebar search tools is great for dialing in a specific search but it’s not ideal for quick searches. We’re looking at launching the search bar in early January.
  • Site Optimization – We hit the ground running when we launched Story Loop in July of 2021 and started working on new features as well as getting new creators and new content up on the site. As a result, we haven’t been able to optimize our servers and page load times can be a little sluggish as a result. We’re going to be addressing those performance issues during the new year.
  • New Product Categories & Creators – We’re excited to introduce some new faces and new resources in 2022 that will help churches tell better stories.

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